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Impact MT


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ImmPACT is a powerful blend of plant based tinctures in a combined formulation to help support the horse’s immune system.

This formulation also aids with appetite and attitude, and supports overall health and wellness. The blend of ingredients is therefore very useful for when horses are frequently hauled, are being exposed to other horses, or are being housed in different environmental conditions.

A healthy immune system is also very important during times of stress, and also in helping combat many disease conditions (such as respiratory problems, equine protozoal myelitis etc).

Active Ingredients per two scoops

A proprietary blend of tinctures made from extracts from the roots of Echinacea augustifolia ≥ 1000 mg/10 ml serving
Panax ginseng ≥ 1000 mg/10 ml serving
Goldenseal ≥ 1000 mg/10 ml serving

Inactive Ingredients


Recommended serving size for the average (~ 1100 lb) horse is 10 ml orally once daily for 21 days, followed by 7 days of no intake.
Can be top dressed or given by syringe.
Not for long term uninterrupted use.

Currently different rules exist among the various equine regulatory bodies regarding testing for CBD at horse events, shows or in racing. Individuals need to check and be aware of what is currently acceptable for their own particular location and discipline.

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