Myristol joint support supplements are specially formulated as an effective broad-spectrum approach to joint health, which means they combine all of the most effective ingredients to address a wide variety of what ‘goes wrong’ in unhealthy, stiff and sore joints for our dogs, cats, and rabbits. As our pets age, they become more prone to joint health challenges that affect their quality of life. Your dog, cat, or rabbit may become reluctant to play, or climb stairs, or even just getting up and down becomes more difficult. Myristol is also a highly effective option for those pets that compete at high levels in athletic activities such as agility, disc catching, dock jumping or herding, and require additional joint health support.

Customer Testimonials

I first was introduced to Myristol Canine by our veterinarian’s wife several years ago. She shows Border Collies at sheep trials & strongly suggested it for our older Border Collie. I am now using it on a 14-yr Austrailian Cattle dog who was quite the worker in his day. He’s doing amazingly well ~ still trotting & loping around & takes his daily excursions to the creek thru the pasture which is about half mile down hill from the house. Just started a 21-yr old roping gelding on it & is showing signs of improvement. Will be interesting to watch.”

Sue Willard

Oh my Gosh! this supplement changed the mobility and energy level in my 14 year old Chihuahua! Saved him! He wouldn’t jump up, extremely sluggish, stayed on couch all day, didn’t like walks anymore! We gave this to Max and within 1-2 weeks he seemed almost puppy like again! Thank you!!!! Myristol for restoring my dog to a better life! He now jumps off couch for walks! A miracle of a difference! 

We have recommended this to many, many friend & they had the exact same results and profusely thanked me for saving their babies quality of life!

If you have a fur baby with mobility issues or us sluggish, please restore their quality of life with Myristol. I will use the rest of his life and continue praising Myristol to my Fur Baby Loving friends…

Barbara Scoggins

I never go without this daily supplement and recommend it to anyone with joint ailments.

Phil Rapp, NCHA Hall of Fame Rider, Weatherford, TX
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