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Why Myristol?

Based on scientific studies and clinical experience, we at Myristol have developed unique and powerful products specially blended to support joint and muscle health. Myristol joint and health supplements are ideal for horses who perform at the highest levels, companion animals like dogs, cats and rabbits. The benefits of Myristol don’t stop there. Our joint and health supplements are also ideal for older horses or pets already experiencing energy loss.

Myristol Trials

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We give our 13-year old Siamese cats Myristol. We mix it in with their breakfast and the cats readily take it even though one cat is a picky eater. Myristol helps the cats move about their day with more ease- getting up from sleeping, jumping onto a chair, and going up and down the stairs. Myristol works best when we give it to the cats consistently every day.

Joann W.


Milo, my 13 year old golden retriever, has lived a long and playful life. Growing up on a large ranch, his legs would lead him wherever his adventurous mind would go. As time progressed, his joints began to fail him. However, after taking Myristol Canine Joint Health, his legs were able to follow wherever his audacious spirit would lead him. Thanks to Myristol, Milo is able to live pain-free once again.

Cathy M.


The large joint on my right thumb developed painful arthritis. It had an obnoxious click which hurt with bending. The area around the joint was also painful when gently squeezed. This kept nagging and nagging and would not go away. I learned about MotionPLUS , and started taking 5 capsules twice a day. I was blown away; after a month of this my joint was pain free and the click went away! That was several years ago. I have been maintaining on 2-3 capsules 2-3 times per week. A happy camper I am.

Kevin S., DVM,

Kevin S., DVM, Montana

At our ranch, Myristol is a ‘non-negotiable’ supplement for our top show and breeding horses. It helps maintain soundness, and helps maximize our horse’s performance. One of our top mares earned $314,000, retired sound, and has become a top producer. She has been on Myristol for 14 years!

Jennifer and Dr. Jeff Foland

Weatherford TX

After years of cowboying, I had developed arthritis issues in my hands, and lost a lot of my grip strength. After a few weeks on MotionPLUS, my hand situation improved dramatically. I also found I had more overall energy, and my back and knees also felt better. I plan to take this product forever!

Buster Frierson

Roscoe TX

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